Why bother to have an employee learning week?

03 Dec 2018 1:54 PM | Lawrence Kravitz (Administrator)

Your employees are your most valuable asset! I know, it’s difficult to find time and resources to dedicate to learning but it is so important. Learning is directly connected to achieving organizational results.

Imagine a workplace with no learning. The growth would become stagnant, sales will start to decline, and employees will not feel engaged. 

How do you participate in Learning Week? It’s simple. If you are an individual contributor; start learning. Learn what you might ask? Learn anything. You can learn from Google and YouTube for free. For around $10 Udemy.com can teach you tons. Go to Edx.org for free college-level courses. Otherwise, invest in yourself and spend some cash. If you manage others, encourage others to learn. Not just from courses, but from anyone and anywhere. Have each member of the team teach the others members something.

I promise you that when learning stops, so does company growth. So keep on learning. Employee learning week is a great time to start, but keep it going.

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