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Member Profile: Michele Rebetti

16 Aug 2019 7:59 PM | Anonymous

Hello ATD: Long Island! Summer is in full swing and our Summer Social is right around the corner. This social is being sponsored by Michele Rebetti and Crestcom, giving us the perfect opportunity to find out a little more about one of ATD's most active members. Michele is a former board member for our chapter as well, and can generally be found participating in events throughout the year. 

If you would like a chance to discuss some of her experiences, and how Crestcom can help you or your business develop their full leadership potential, swing by our social this Thursday, August 22nd @6pm.

ATD: How did you come to be a part of ATD LI?

MR: I came to ATD after starting my own business. I wanted to learn about new trends and how I can improve my own skills and process. I also wanted to be more involved with the training community. 

ATD: Where do you work currently and what does a work day look like for you?

MR: My Company is Crestcom, a leadership development company that is unique.  My work day is not typical, it’s different every day. Some days I get to do more facilitating of my workshops and other days I’m making calls and going to prospective clients to educate them about how I can help them. It’s always interesting and fun because I get to meet so many new people. 

ATD: How did you begin your career in talent development?

MR: After graduating college, I worked in sales. I did well and had the opportunity to do sales training and loved it. I went back to school for my masters in IO Psych and really loved the focus of training and development. I worked for many companies in different industries in HR and training. 

ATD: What do you suggest to new members for them to gain the most benefit from ATD LI?

MR: My suggestion to new members is to come to meetings and socialize - introduce yourself to whomever you can. Also get involved with the Board to meet people - it opens doors and creates opportunities plus you get to learn to improve your skills and give back to the training community. 

ATD: What was the best experience you have ever had in talent development, and why?

MR: The best for me is when a client thanks me for making an impact on their people and their company. The biggest compliment is when I am considered part of the company family. I often get invited to company events for the employees. It’s the best feeling. 

ATD: If you could have complete control for talent development of any existing private or government organization, which one would it be and what would you do with it?

MR: If I could control any organization it would be a government agency such as DMV. I would love to help them improve the accountability of their people and improve their efficiencies. I know I could help them be more customer focused and help their employees feel more motivated. :)

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