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Thank you for your interest in presenting at an ATD Long Island event. Please review the information below.


ATD Long Island will review your proposal, and select those presentations that are most relevant, current, and compelling to our membership, and that have strategic value to the association.  Presentations that address current ATD Long Island / industry topics are preferred.


Presentations are the cornerstone of our meetings.  Please tailor a presentation in at least one of these formats:

  • Case study presentation and discussion 
  • Hands-on workshop for participants to practice and apply skills 
  • Panel discussion 
  • Evaluation and Selection Process

Upon receipt, your submission will be acknowledged and reviewed.  All proposals are ranked according to selection criteria established by the Long Island ASTD Chapter.

Information for All Presenters

The primary purpose of meeting presentations is to educate and enlighten our members who represent all segments of the workplace learning and performance community. Members include trainers, organizational development practitioners, human resource professionals, instructional designers, various managers and executives, technology vendors, and internal and external consultants.

We enjoy presentations with the following aspects: multiple presenters, effective audiovisual materials (e.g., PowerPoint presentation, web demonstration), handouts, (e.g., sample job aids, etc.).  

Please restrict the use of your organization’s logo and presenters’ contact information to the final page of visual materials. Recording of the presentation is prohibited unless otherwise approved prior. We do not permit presenters to survey our members prior to presentations. Post session feedback is available if requested. Our policy is not to reimburse presenters for expenses or provide honoraria for presentations. Meeting registration, which generally includes a light meal, is complimentary. Guests of presenters are expected to pay the meeting fee.

Guidance for Consultant Presenters

Please do not sell products or services during your presentation. Ensure that your presentation focuses on concepts, techniques, and best practices. We greatly prefer presentations that feature work done with clients. Presenters are not permitted to solicit member contact information directly. However, presenters are permitted to obtain contact information by means of a business card raffle of books, products, or other giveaways, as long as members are advised that their contact information may be used by you for marketing purposes.

Please fill out the ATD Long Island Proposal From completely to submit your presentation idea.

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