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  • Regional Webinar Series: "Onboarding: Help Your New Hires Engage, Perform, and Stay"

Regional Webinar Series: "Onboarding: Help Your New Hires Engage, Perform, and Stay"

  • 29 Mar 2023
  • 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
  • Virtual


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ATD Long Island is proud to participate in the ATD Regional Webinar Series. This collaboration of 8 ATD chapters (including Central PA, Greater Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island, New York City, & West Virginia) is bringing together the best of our networks to provide world class presenters and content. We look forward to sharing these webinars with you throughout 2023!

"Onboarding: Help Your New Hires Engage, Perform, and Stay"

Onboarding is one of the most common talent development responsibilities and crucial for retention and engagement; however, onboarding programs are often considered a waste of time by all involved.

During this presentation will review the following topics:

  • Why does onboarding matter?
  • What are the most common onboarding problems and how can they be fixed?
  • What do newcomers really need from onboarding?
  • What are the best practices for onboarding and the keys to implementing them effectively?
  • What are the onboarding pitfalls to avoid?

This presentation will answer those questions and more by sharing the results obtained from a study conducted with new hires across a variety of industries during the spring of 2022.

After attending this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Validate your current onboarding best practices to continue.
  • Identify your current onboarding mistakes to stop.
  • Discover what newcomers wish you knew, so you can introduce those practices.

About Our Presenter


Onboarding Expert, Communications Specialist,

Trainer, and Facilitator

Angela Rogers works at Penn State in the Applied Research Lab in Leadership Development, Culture, and Student Programs. She recently completed her Ph.D. in Workforce Education and Development; her dissertation topic was onboarding.

Previously, Angela was a training partner with the University’s Center for Workplace Learning and Performance and the co-chair of the Penn State Commission for Women. She is a member of the ATD national organization and is currently serving as the Vice President of Finance for the ATD Pittsburgh chapter. Angela is a Distinguished Toastmaster as well as a qualitative researcher, and a certified NVivo expert.

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