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The Value of a Network

10 Oct 2018 12:34 PM | Anonymous

How many of you have a friend or colleague that you go to when you have a need because THEY know everyone? Have you ever had someone land the perfect job, and you wonder how THEY knew about it or got the offer? Well, THEY are not magicians. THEY simply leverage the power of networking.

So, if THEY can network, why can’t you? Why don’t we all have enormous networks?

In my experience networking holds long-term value. For many of us, we seek out opportunities that only provide us with immediate returns. Networking does not typically work this way. Many years ago, I joined a service organization. I liked the organization and that is why I joined. I had no ulterior motives. Later, I obtained a job where I was able to leverage my contacts, and I did so. It worked because I was a valued member of the organization.

Networking involves getting your hands dirty, or at least shaking a lot of hands and having conversations about individuals and things you never thought you might be interested in.

I joined ATD Long Island because I saw value in the organization. I liked the topics, I liked the people, so why not join? I was asked to join the Board and I got more involved and began meeting and talking with more people. It was some work, but I got to know the organization better. And the people in the organization got to know me better. I was building my network. That networking, with no intention, in the beginning, to do so, wound up in a job offer.

You see, networking is not magic. You have to go into it expecting almost nothing, and over time, hopefully, you will see the return.

So, whether you join ATD Long Island or another network, get ready to become involved. Give to the network and over time the network may give back to you.

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