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ATD Long Island Chapter Insights

ATD Long Island Chapter Insights provides articles, content, and chapter updates to keep you in the know and learning. We are always interested in hearing from you. If you would like to submit an article, please send an email to All articles are copyrighted by the authors and may not be reproduced.

  • 05 Jun 2020 11:16 AM | Anonymous

    This information was presented at the June 5, 2020 board meeting.  but I wanted to post the slides here for the members to peruse. 

    The first file is a review of the ATD LI membership survey. 

    ATD LI 2020 Review.pdf

    The second file is a summary of the ATD LI post-event feedback surveys. 

    ATD LI Survey Results.pdf

  • 23 Apr 2020 9:26 AM | Anonymous

    Thomas DePatie, James Wolfe, and I wrote a new white paper based on ATD Long Island event attendance data. The executive summary is below and the full white paper is linked in  PDF format. 


    The Long Island Chapter of the Association for Talent Development and Talent Metrics Consulting worked together to dive into ATD LI’s data on member location and event attendance. Using an approach by Salatin & McGinty (2019), a spatial analysis was conducted. Spatial analysis allows ATD LI board members to more clearly visualize member location and opens the door for strategies to recruit and engage potential members outside of identified hotspots.

    We also analyzed the effect of a speaker’s company brand on event attendance. Company brand had an effect on event attendance. Recruiting speakers from recognized brands may help ATD LI boost event attendance through recognizing member interest in well-known firms, while continuing to engage speakers and companies across Long Island.

    These analyses help ATD LI to better understand member behavior and make effective decisions moving forward to maximize the organization’s impact. Our analyses uncovered key insights that may lead to new opportunities for members and provide a road map for the organization’s events to make a deeper impact.

    Key Recommendations

    • Continue to engage members across Nassau and western Suffolk, while reaching out to members further east on Suffolk.
    • Recognize the impact firm brand has on attracting members to events.
    • Diversify event type to maximize impact and learning.
    • Create new marketing initiatives to increase event attendance


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  • 21 Oct 2019 5:33 PM | Anonymous

    Hello ATD: Long Island! I was lucky enough to catch this month's highlighted member, Kiki Orski, right before she is set to present for us tomorrow. I think that looking over Kiki's interview will give you some excellent advice, as well as a few talking points for the event.

    Come check out Teams that work! 5 Behaviors EVERY one of your teams need to succeed! tomorrow, Oct. 22nd at 6pm, and find out if your work teams are performing at their peak!

    ATD: How did you come to be a part of ATD LI?

    KO: A few years back I made a concerted effort to up level my skills.  In order to do that I researched associations that had the same vision and values that I do…ATD fit that need.  I then found the local chapter to be inclusive and fun while exposing me to great learning opportunities. I need the ‘people connection’ piece. ATD LI gives me that.

    ATD: Where do you work currently and what does a work day look like for you?

    KO: I have been in my own business Peak Performance Consulting for 20 years!  I feel so blessed to be able to work with a variety of customers who are passionate about their people and the results they get.  A typical workday can go in one of three ways:

    a) Facilitating an executive team development process to help an organization get even better results than it already is getting

    b) Reaching out to companies who have a problem…teams that could and should be doing so much better…to see if perhaps the solutions I provide resonate with them

    c) Following up to make sure the work I did the previous week is documented, makes sense and has the structure it needs to be implemented

    How lucky am I!!!

    ATD: Describe a major career achievement that led to your current position.

    KO: 20 years ago, I made a decision to leave healthcare administration and go into my own business…a huge leap!  The day I was leaving, the woman I reported to asked me to come in because I had unfinished business to take care of.  I was all fired up!  I had made sure everything was ready for my departure, I knew the only thing I had at that point was my reputation as a leader….and I made sure I was leaving on a great note.

    When I met with her…she simply said she wanted me to help all her other leaders run their businesses like I ran mine. That was my first consulting job! An opportunity to help others to do what I did naturally. I have been doing that type of consulting ever since.

    ATD: What should a person interested in talent development be aware of before entering the field?

    KO: I would suggest new members, and frankly every member, to lean in to the organization.  Get involved, share your knowledge, learn from others, and volunteer your time.  I have made the mistake in the past thinking just joining an association would automatically bring me relationships and new friends and new business opportunities.  What I found is that it all starts with trust.  People buy from people they trust. Trust develops as relationships grow. Relationships take time and effort.  So if you choose ATD LI…then lean in…get involved.

    ATD: What was the most challenging experience you ever had in talent development, and why?

    What is one thing you wished you had done differently on a learning and development project, and why?

    KO: One of the most challenging projects was when I was brought in to coach a team of leaders who did not know me at all. What I wish I had done differently was to meet with each of them individually first, then have a meeting with them as a whole in a group setting. They had no idea who I was and I spent a large part of that first group session and the next two coaching sessions developing trust.  In retrospect, reversing the process (which is what I do now), meeting one on one is a better first step.

    ATD: What are some of the biggest challenges you are currently facing in your field?

    KO: One of the biggest challenges I face is an organization thinking tradition and old habits are not going to impact the work we are about to do.  Habits are hard to change, even when the people realize there are better ways.  

  • 19 Sep 2019 6:23 PM | Anonymous

    Hello ATD Long Island! Next week is our first event of the season, Decoding Human Behavior. Before you get there, take a few minutes to find out a little about another of our dedicated members, Stephanie Burke.

    Stephanie has been a member of ATD: LI for years, and served on the board in several positions as well. Now she will directing that energy and excitement as President. 

    Thank you to Stephanie, and all of our members, for continuing to make this chapter a success!

    ATD: How did you come to be a part of ATD LI?

    SB: I was looking for communities to join to network with professionals who worked in the field of human resources. I attended some meetings and was drawn in immediately to the warmth of the group. The meeting topics interested me greatly and I learned a lot about the field of Talent Development. Before long I was volunteering to serve on the board.

    ATD: Where do you work currently and what does a workday look like for you?

    SB: I am the HR Manager at Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc. A typical day could include working on our talent development processes, coaching leaders on employee issues, recruiting to fill open positions, managing employee activities.

    ATD: How did you begin your career in talent development?

    SB: Working at Atlas I have had the opportunity to grow my skills in talent development. I was able to contribute to the development of the new talent management processes we were creating for onboarding, performance management, coaching, new supervisor training, succession planning, employee engagement and internship program. It’s been a great experience to work on these projects.

    ATD: What do you value most about ATD LI?

    SB: Serving with the dedicated members of the ATDLI Board who care deeply about creating a community where Talent Development Professionals can come together to advance their careers has been the most valuable experience for me. This vibrant team of people volunteer their time because of their love of what they do, and it is amazing to be a part of that energy. Over the past couple of years, I’ve held the position of VP of Membership, President-Elect and am excited to be assuming the role of President.

    ATD: What was the best experience you have ever had in talent development, and why?

    SB: The best talent development experience I have ever had was at Fundamentals training for Co-Active Coaching. Over two and a half days, using the Co-Active Coaching model skills which we learned, 18 total strangers were transformed into a team of coaching professionals who grew to know each other in a unique way. Not only did we develop coaching skills to help uncover our clients’ true challenges and how to get them to design solutions and next steps, we also learned about ourselves and advanced on our own self –development journey. I look forward to going deeper into this model with further training and certification.

    ATD: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the learning and development field?

    SB: The world of work is changing at an incredible speed and time seems to be a shrinking commodity. The leaders we serve are stretched to their limits and while they acknowledge, in theory, the importance of the work we do, in practice they protest incorporating what needs to be done into their workflow processes. Information is coming at us at an overwhelming pace and everyone is challenged to stay on top of it. Talent is in high demand and keeping skilled employees engaged means spending time to train, coach and develop them. Time, everyone says they do not have.

  • 16 Aug 2019 7:59 PM | Anonymous

    Hello ATD: Long Island! Summer is in full swing and our Summer Social is right around the corner. This social is being sponsored by Michele Rebetti and Crestcom, giving us the perfect opportunity to find out a little more about one of ATD's most active members. Michele is a former board member for our chapter as well, and can generally be found participating in events throughout the year. 

    If you would like a chance to discuss some of her experiences, and how Crestcom can help you or your business develop their full leadership potential, swing by our social this Thursday, August 22nd @6pm.

    ATD: How did you come to be a part of ATD LI?

    MR: I came to ATD after starting my own business. I wanted to learn about new trends and how I can improve my own skills and process. I also wanted to be more involved with the training community. 

    ATD: Where do you work currently and what does a work day look like for you?

    MR: My Company is Crestcom, a leadership development company that is unique.  My work day is not typical, it’s different every day. Some days I get to do more facilitating of my workshops and other days I’m making calls and going to prospective clients to educate them about how I can help them. It’s always interesting and fun because I get to meet so many new people. 

    ATD: How did you begin your career in talent development?

    MR: After graduating college, I worked in sales. I did well and had the opportunity to do sales training and loved it. I went back to school for my masters in IO Psych and really loved the focus of training and development. I worked for many companies in different industries in HR and training. 

    ATD: What do you suggest to new members for them to gain the most benefit from ATD LI?

    MR: My suggestion to new members is to come to meetings and socialize - introduce yourself to whomever you can. Also get involved with the Board to meet people - it opens doors and creates opportunities plus you get to learn to improve your skills and give back to the training community. 

    ATD: What was the best experience you have ever had in talent development, and why?

    MR: The best for me is when a client thanks me for making an impact on their people and their company. The biggest compliment is when I am considered part of the company family. I often get invited to company events for the employees. It’s the best feeling. 

    ATD: If you could have complete control for talent development of any existing private or government organization, which one would it be and what would you do with it?

    MR: If I could control any organization it would be a government agency such as DMV. I would love to help them improve the accountability of their people and improve their efficiencies. I know I could help them be more customer focused and help their employees feel more motivated. :)

  • 06 Aug 2019 4:21 PM | Anonymous

    Up to $100,000 can be provided by the state of NY for your Long Island company's training and development needs! 

    The Stony Brook University Center for Corporate Education (CCE) is offering assistance in planning your training initiatives and navigating the application process. Be aware, this opportunity is on a first come-first serve basis, and funds are limited. 

    Another benefit to completing this application is that the state has made it a common application, which can allow you to quickly navigate and apply for other state funding, now and in the future. 

    If anyone applies for and receives a grant, or has in the past, feel free to comment on how the program has helped with your training and development needs.

    Good luck!

  • 25 Jun 2019 7:01 PM | Anonymous

    Hello and Happy Summer ATD: Long Island!

    After an event filled last few months, I'm sure everyone is ready to sit back and relax. Maybe you are considering taking a little trip, perhaps even staying at a nice hotel somewhere? Well I know that ATD: LI's VP of Marketing & Communications, Lisa Privett-Wood, can recommend a few nice places.

    Catch her at ATD: LI's Summer Social on August 22nd and ask how her role as a Senior Manager, Learning (Global Operations), helps to make Hilton such a worldwide success.

    ATD: How did you come to be a part of ATD LI?

    LPW: A career transition 5 years ago triggered my finding ATD LI.

    ATD: Where do you work currently and what does a workday look like for you?

    LPW: I am a Senior Manager, Learning for Hilton, supporting on-property training resources for several hotel departments globally from a home-based office. Two workdays are never the same, working on a vast array of learning projects for different audiences, always in search of the most effective training resource for the learners.

    ATD: How did you begin your career in talent development?

    LPW: My entire working career has been in Human Resources, beginning with my first HR assistant job out of college in a hotel HR office.

    ATD: What do you value most about ATD LI?

    LPW: The ability to connect with so many talent development individuals who represent all facets of the profession and to enhance my own development through our varied speakers and presentations.

    ATD: What is one thing you wished you had done differently on a learning and development project, and why?

    LPW: Always respect the (learning project management) process and maintain objectivity throughout.

    ATD: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the learning and development field?


    1.    The sheer volume of existing learning resources becomes overwhelming for the learner.

    2.    Providing target learners with easy access to just-in-time learning resources, especially for those who do not work at a desk.

    3.    Measuring training effectiveness.

    4.    Sifting through new and tested delivery methods to identify which one is right while remaining innovative.

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